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Food History: The History Of 900+ Favorite Foods & Beverages

Over the 20-plus years of publishing THE NIBBLE, we’ve explored quite a lot of food history, to better understand the foods we write about.

We’ve included it in our articles and compiled the references below.

Sometimes the history is at the top of an article, but often it is the last section. So if you don’t see “THE HISTORY OF…” immediately, scroll down.

Some histories are just a paragraph or two; some are quite detailed.

Here are 905 different food histories, with new ones added frequently. Hungry yet?

For entire books dedicated to particular food histories, check out The Edible Series from Reaktion Press.
ALSO CHECK OUT OUR 100 FOOD GLOSSARIES, which provide details of the entire category of the foods.

Foods & Beverages A (35)
Absinthe History
Acorn Squash History
Advent Calendar History
Affogato History
Agriculture History
Agricultural Cross-Breeding (Hybridization) History
Aïoli History
À La Mode: See Pie À La Mode
Albariño Wine
Alcohol Distillation History
Allsorts Liquorice History (Licorice)
Almonds History
Afternoon Tea History
Amaro Liqueur History
Amaretto Liqueur History
Ambrosia History
Angel Food Cake History
Animal Crackers History
Ants On A Log History
Apéritif History
Aperol Spritz History
Apple History
Apple Betty History
Apple Butter History
Apple Cider History
Apple Crisp History
Apple Dumplings
Applejack History
Apple Pie History
Applesauce History
April Fool’s Day History
Arancini History
Arnold Palmer History
Artichokes History
Asparagus History
Avocado History
Avocado Toast History

Foods & Beverages B (74)

Bacon History
Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp History
Bagels History
Bagna Cauda History
Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur History
Baked Alaska History
Baked Beans History
Baking Powder History
Baklava History
Balsamic Vinegar History
Banana History
Banana Bread History
Banana Cream Pie History
Bananas Foster History
Banana Split History
Bánh Mì Sandwich History
Bao History
Barbecue History
Beans History
Beef History
Beef Tartare: See Steak Tartare, below
Beer History
Beer Can Chicken History
Beets History
Belgian Endive History
Bellini Cocktail History
Bell Pepper History
Beurre Blanc History
Bibimbap History
Biscoff Spread/Cookie Butter/Cookie Spread/Speculoos Spread History
Biscotti History
Biscuit History
Biscuits & Gravy History
Bitters History
Black & White Cookie History
Black Cow Float History
Black Forest Cake History
Blonde Chocolate History
Blondies History
Blood Orange History
Bloody Mary History
BLT Sandwich History
Blueberry History
Blue Cheese History
Bock Beer History
Bologna History
Bolognese Sauce: See Ragù Alla Bolognese
Borscht History
Boston Cream Pie History
Bourbon History
Boxed Cereal History
Brandy Alexander History
Bread Bag Closures History
Bread History
Bread Salad: See Panzanella
Bread Pudding History
Breadsticks History
Breakfast History
Breakfast Sandwich History
Brie History
Brioche History
Brittle History > See Peanut Brittle History
Broccoli History
Broccolini History
Brown Betty History
Brownies History
Brunch History
Brussels Sprouts History
Bubble Tea History
Buffalo Chicken Wings History
Buffet & Smorgasbord History
Bundt Cake History
Burrata Cheese History
Burrito History
Butter History
Butterscotch Brownie History
Butterscotch Pudding History

Foods & Beverages C (152)

Cabbage History (also see Savoy Cabbage)
Cabernet Franc History
Cabernet Sauvignon Wine History
Cachaça History
Cacio e Pepe Pasta History
Caesar Salad History
Cake History
Cake Pans History
Calabrian Chile Peppers History
Calvados History
Campari History
Candied Chestnuts (Marrons Glacées) History
Candy History
Candy Apples & Caramel Apples History
Candy Bar History
Candy Cane History
Candy Corn History
Cannelloni / Manicotti History
Canning History
Cannoli History
Cantaloupe History
Cape Gooseberry History
Cappuccino History
Caprese Salad
Cara Cara Orange History
Carambola History (see Starfruit, below)
Caramel Candy & Salted Caramels History
Caramel Macchiato History
Carbonated Water / Club Soda / Sparkling Water History (see also Seltzer, below)
Carignan Wine History
Carmenénère Wine
Carpaccio History
Carrot History
Carrot Cake History
Carrot Raisin Salad History
Cashew Nuts History
Cassoulet History
Caviar History
Celeriac / Celery Root History
Celery History
Cereal History
Ceviche History
Chai Tea / Masala Chai History
Challah History
Champagne History
Chardonnay History
Chartreuse Liqueur History
Châteauneuf-du-Pape Wine History
Cheddar Cheese History
Cheese Ball History
Cheeseburger Recipe
Cheesecake History
Cheese History
Cheese Fondue History
Cheesesteak History
Cheese Straws History
Cheez Doodles History / Cheetos History
Cherries History
Cherries Jubilee History
Chex Party Mix History
Chicharrones History (Also See Pork Rinds)
Chicken & Waffles History
Chicken Cacciatore History
Chicken History
Chicken Nuggets History
Chicken Pot Pie History: See Pot Pie
Chicken Vesuvio History
Chicken Salad History
Chickpea History
Chiffon Cake History
Chilaquiles History
Chile Pepper History
Chimichurri Sauce History
Chinese Almond Cookie History
Chinese/Asian/Mandarin Chicken Salad
Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs History
Chives History
Chocolate History (also see Swiss Chocolate History, below)
Chocolate Bark History (Mendiants)
Chocolate Chip Cookies History
Chocolate-Covered Cherry (Cherries) History
Chocolate-Covered Pretzels History
Chocolate Ganache History
Chocolate Milk History
Chocolate Mousse History
Chocolate Pudding History
Chocolate Rum Balls History
Chocolate Truffles History
Chocolate Wafer History
Chopped Liver History
Chopsticks History
Chop Suey History
Christmas Cookie Exchange / Swap
Chowder – Clam Chowder History
Churros History
Chutney History
Cinco de Mayo History
Citron History: See Etrog
Cinnamon History
Clams History
Clotted Cream History
Club Soda / Carbonated Water History
Cobbler History
Cobb Salad History
Coca Cola History
Cocoa & Hot Chocolate History
Cocktail History
Coconuts History
Coffee Cake History
Coffee Grinder History
Coffee History
Cognac History
Cold Duck History
Cole Slaw History
Constant Comment Tea History
Cooked Fruit/Compote History
Compound Butter History
Cookie Exchange History
Cookie History
Cooking History
Corn History
Cornbread History
Corn Chips History
Corned Beef History
Corned Beef Hash History
Corn Flakes History
Cottage Pie: See Shepherd’s Pie

Coquito Cocktail History
Cordon Bleu History
Cotton Candy History
Crab History
Crackers History
Cranberry History
Cream Cheese History
Cream Liqueur History
Cream Puff History
Creamsicle History
Cream Tea History
Crema Catalana History
Crème Brûlée History
Crème de Menthe History
Crêpe Cake History: See Mille Crêpes Cake, below
Crêpes History
Crêpes Suzette History
Crescenza Cheese History
Croissant History
Croque Monsieur & Croque Madame Sandwich History
Crudités History
Cuban Sandwich History
Cucumber History
Cumin History
Cupcake History
Currants History
Curry & Curry Powder History
Custard History

Foods & Beverages D & E (48)
Daiquiri History
Danish Pastry & Viennoiserie History
Dark ‘n Stormy Cocktail History
Dates History
Delicata Squash History
Dessert History 2
Dessert History
Detroit Pizza
Deviled Eggs History
Devil’s Food Cake History
Dirt Cake History
Dirty Martini History
Divinity Candy History
Doggie Bag History
Doughnut/Donut History
Dumplings History
Dragées / Panned Products History
Dragon Fruit / Pitaya History
Drinking Straw History
Drip Coffee History
Dulce De Leche History
Earl Grey Tea History
Easter Candy & Easter Basket
Easter Egg History
Easter Ham History
Eclair History
Edible Flowers History
Egg Carton History
Egg Cream History
Egg Drop Soup History
Egg Nog History
Eggplant History
Egg Roll History
Egg Salad History
Eggs Benedict History
El Día De Los Muertos History
Emmental Cheese / Swiss Cheese History
Empanadas History
Enchiladas History
Endive History (see Belgian Endive, above)
Energy Bars – Protein Bars – Snack Bars History
English Muffin History
Entrée History
Epiphany Cake History / Galette Des Rois
Espresso History
Espresso Martini History
Etrog (Citron) History
Evaporated Milk & Sweetened Condensed Milk History
Everything Bagel History

Foods & Beverages F & G (67)
Fajitas History
Falafel History
Faloodeh – Falooda – Faludeh History
Fast Food History
Fennel History
Feta Cheese History
Fettucine Alfredo History
Fig History
Fig Newton History
Flambé Food History
Flatbread History
Fluffernutter History
Focaccia History
Food Preservation History
Forks History
Fortune Cookie History
French Fries History
French Onion Dip History
French Toast History
Fried Chicken & Donut Sandwich History
Fried Rice History
Fried Rice History 2
Frito Chili Pie History
Fritos History
Frosé Cocktail History
Frosted Flakes History
Frozen Cookie Dough History: See Refrigerated & Frozen Cookie Dough History, below
Frozen Custard History
Frozen Food History
Frozen Hot Chocolate History
Frozen Yogurt History
Fruitcake History
Fruit Cocktail History
Fudge History
Fusilli History

Garlic Bread History
Garlic History
Gazpacho History
Gelatin History
German Chocolate Cake History
German Wine History
Gin History
Gin And Tonic History
Ginger Ale History
Ginger History
Gingerbread History
Gingerbread House History
Gingerbread Men History
Gnocchi Day In Argentina History
Gnocchi History
Gnudi History
Gooseberry History — See Cape Gooseberry, Above
Goat History
Graham Cracker History
Grain Bowl History
Granola History
Grape History
Grapefruit History & Red Grapefruit History
Gratin/Au Gratin/Potatoes Au Gratin History
Gravlax History
Greek Salad History
Green Goddess Dressing History
Gremolata History
Gruyere History
Guacamole History
Guava History
Guinness Beer History
Gumbo History
Gum Drop History
Gummy Candy History
Gyro History
Foods & Beverages H, I, J, K (72)
Halloween History (also see Jack O’Lantern and Trick-Or-Treating)
Halva (Halvah) History
Ham History
Hamburger History
Hand Pie History
Happy Hour History
Hard Candy History
Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail History
Havarti Cheese History
Hawaiian Pizza History
Hazelnuts History
Hoagie / Submarine Sandwich History
Honey History
Honey Bear Bottle History
Honeydew History
Hong Kong (Chinese) Egg Tarts History
Hops History
Horchata History
Hot Buttered Rum History / Hot Toddy History
Hot Buttered Rum History 2
Hot Cross Buns History
Hot Dog History
Hot Fudge Sauce, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Syrup History
Hot Sauce History
Hummingbird Cake History
Hummus History
Iceberg Lettuce History
Icebox Cake History
Icebox Cake History 2
Ice Cream History
Ice Cream Cone History
Ice Cream Freezer History
Ice Cream Pie History
Ice Cream Sandwich History
Ice Cream Social History
Ice Cream Soda History
Ice Cream Sundae History
Ice Cube Tray History
Ice For Iced Drinks History
Iced Tea History
Indian Corn History
Indian Pudding History
Instant Coffee History
Irish Coffee History
Irish Soda Bread
Israeli Salad History
Montery Jack Cheese History
Jack O’Lantern History
Jaffle Sandwich History
Jambalaya History
Jam, Jelly & Preserves History
Jell-O History
Jell-O Mold History
Jell-O Shots History
Jelly Bean History
Jerky History
Jerusalem Artichokes History
July 4th History
Kahlua History
Kale History
Kamut History
Kansas City Barbecue History
Kebab History
Kefir History
Ketchup History
Key Lime Pie History
Key Limes History
Kimchi History
King Cake History
Kir & Kir Royale History
Kiwifruit History
Kouign Aman Pastry History
Knives History
Kombucha History & Jun History
Kung Pao Chicken History

Food & Beverages L, M, N, O (109)
Labneh History
Lady Apples History
Lamington Cake History
Lasagna History
Lassi History
Latke History
Latkes: See Potato Pancakes
Layered Salad History
Lemon History
Lemonade History
Lemon Chiffon Cake History
Lemon Meringue Pie History
Lettuce History
Licorice History
Limburger Cheese History
Lime History
Lindt Chocolate
Linguine History
Liqueur History
Liqueur History #2
Lollipop History
Lobster History
Lobster Newburg History
Lobster Rolls History
Macadamia Nuts History
Macaroni & Cheese History
Macaroons & Macarons History
Mai Tai History
Malbec Wine History
Mallomars Cookies History
Manchego Cheese History
Mandarin (Fruit) History
Manicotti History > See Cannelloni History
Mandoline History
Mango History
Manhattan Cocktail History
Maple Syrup History
Maraschino Cherries History
Marble Cake History
Mardi Gras History
Margarine History
Margarita History
Margherita Pizza Recipe
Marrons Glacées History: See Candied Chestnuts
Martini History (also Dirty Martini History)
Marshmallow Fluff / Marshmallow Cream History
Marshmallow History
Mascarpone History
Mason Jar/Ball Jar History
Matzo/Matza/Matzoh History
Mayonnaise History
Meatballs History
Melba Toast History
Melon & Prosciutto History
Membrillo History
Meringue/Meringues History
Merlot Wine History
Mexican Cooking History
Mezcal History
Michelada History
Milk Punch History
Milkshake History
Mille Crêpes Cake History
Millionaire Bars (Millionaire Shortbread)
Milk Carton History
Mimosa Cocktail
Mince Pie History
Mint Julep History
Miso History
Mocha History
Mochi History
Mojito History
Molasses History
Monte Cristo Sandwich History
Monterey Jack History / Pepper Jack History
Moscato Wine History
Moscow Mule History
Mostarda History
Mousse History
Mozzarella Cheese History
Muesli History
Mug Cakes History
Mulled Wine History
Mushroom History
Mushroom History 2
Mustard History
Nachos History
Napkins History
Navel Orange History
‘Nduja History
Negroni Cocktail History
No Churn Ice Cream History
Noodle History
Noodle Kugel/Noodle Pudding History
Nougat (Torrone) History
Nutella History
Nutmeg History
Oats & Oatmeal History
Okra History
Oktoberfest History
Olive Oil History
Onion History
Oolong Tea History
Opal Apple History
Orange Juice History
Oranges History
Oreo History
Oven Cooking History
Oyster Crackers History
Oyster History
Oysters Rockefeller History

Food & Beverages P (106)

Paella History
Palate Cleanser History
Paloma Cocktail History
Pancake History
Panettone History
Panko Breadcrumbs History
Panned Products History (See Dragées, Above)
Panzanella (Bread Salad) History
Papaya History
Parfait History
Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese
Parsnips History
Passionfruit / Passion Fruit History
Pasta Al Forno (Baked Pasta) History
Pasta History
Pastrami History
Patty Melt History
Pavlova History
Pastry History
Pecorino Romano Cheese History
Pea History
Pea Soup History
Peach History
Peach Melba History
Peanut Brittle History
Peanut Butter History
Peanut Butter Cup History
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich History
Peanut Clusters History
Peanut History
Peanut Clusters History
Pear History
Pear Belle-Hélène or Poire Belle-Hélène History
Pecan Pie History
Pecan Nut – Pecan Tree History
Pecorino Cheese History
Peeps History
Peking Duck History
Penuche Fudge History
Pepperoni History
Pernod History
Pesto History
Pfeffernüsse History
Pho Vietnamese Soup History
Pi Day History
Piave Vecchio Cheese History
Pickles History
Pie A La Mode History
Pie History
Pie & Pastry History
PieCaken History
Pierogy/Peirogi History
Pierogi History 2
Pig History
Pigs In Blankets History
Pilaf History
Pimento Cheese History
Pimm’s Cup History
Piña Colada History
Piñata Cake History
Pineberries History
Pineapple History
Pineapple Juice History
Pineapple Upside Down Cake History
Pig Wings History
Pinot Noir History
Pinotage History
Pirouette Cookies
Pisco History
Pisco Punch History
Pistachio Nut History
Pizza History
Ploughman’s Lunch History
Plum Pudding – Christmas Pudding – Figgy Pudding History
Poke History
Pommes Aligot History
Pommes Anna History
Popcorn History
Popcorn Salad History
Popover History
Popsicle History
Pork History
Pork Rinds (Chicharrones) History
Portabella/Portobello Mushroom History
Port Wine History
Posole/Pozole History
Potato Chips History
Potato History
Potato Pancake History
Potato Salad History
Pot de Crème History
Pot Pie History
Pound Cake History
Pour-Over Coffee History (see Drip Coffee, above)
Poutine History
Pousse-Cafe History
Praline History
Preserving Food History: See Food Preservation History
Pretzel History
Probiotics History
Prohibition History
Prosecco History
Prune History
Pudding History
Puff Pastry History
Pumpkin History
Pumpkin Pie History
Pumpkin Spice History
Pumpkin Spice Latte History
Pumpernickel Bread History
Punch History
Food & Beverages Q & R (39)

Quaker Oatmeal History
Quesadillas History
Queso Fundido / Queso Dip History
Quiche History
Quinoa History
Radishes History
Radler Beer History
Ragù Alla Bolognese History
Raisin Bread History
Raisinets History
Ramen Burger History
Ramen Noodles History
Ramos Gin Fizz History
Ranch Dressing History
Raspberries History
Ravioli History
Red Velvet Cake History
Refrigerated & Frozen Cookie Dough History
Relish Tray & Crudités (counted under Crudités)
Reuben Sandwich History
Rhubarb History
Rice History
Rice Krispies Treats History
Rice Pudding History
Ricotta Cheese History
Rigatoni History
Risotto History
Romaine Lettuce History
Romano Cheese History (See Pecorino Romano Cheese)
Romesco Sauce History
Root Beer History
Rosé Wine
Rotini History > See Fusilli History
Ruby Chocolate History
Rugelach History
Rum History
Rum Raisin Ice Cream History #2
Rum Raisin Ice Cream History #1

Food & Beverages S (83)
Sabich Sandwich History
Sacher Torte or Sachertorte History
Saké History
Salad History
Salami History
Salsa History
Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips History
Salt Cellar History
Salted Caramel History
Samosas History
Sandwich History
Salt History
Sangria History
San Marzano Tomato History
Sardines History
Sauces History
Sashimi History
Sausage History
Sauvignon Blanc History
Savoy Cabbage History
Sazerac Cocktail History
Scamorza Cheese
Scones History
Scorpion Bowl History
Sekt Sparkling Wine History
Seltzer History (see also Carbonated Water, above)
Seven Layer Dip History
Sgroppino History
Sheet Pan History
Shepherd’s Pie History
Shortbread History
Shortcake History
Shrimp History
Shrimp Scampi History
Shrubs (British Drink) History
Silvaner Wine (See Sylvaner)
Skyr History
Skyr History #2
Sliders History
Sloppy Joe History
Smash Cocktail History
Smoothie History
S’mores History
Snap Peas: See Sugar Snap Peas History
Snickerdoodle Cookies History
Snow Cone History
Sorbet History
Soufflé History
Soup History
Sourdough Bread History
Spaghetti Carbonara History
Spam History
Spinach History
Spinach & Artichoke Dip History
Sponge Cake History
Sponge Candy History
Spoons History
Spritz or Spritzer History (see Wine Spritzer, below)
Squash History
Sriracha Sauce History
Starfruit (Carambola) History
Steak Tartare History
Sticky Bun History
Stout Beer History
St. Patrick’s Day History
Strawberries Romanoff (Romanov) History
Strawberry History
Strawberry Ice Cream History
Strawberry Shortcake History
String Cheese History
String Cheese History #2
Stroopwafels History
Strudel History
Succotash History
Sugar Cane History
Sugar History
Sugar Plums History
Sugar Snap Peas History
Sunchokes History (See Jerusalem Artichokes, above)
Surf & Turf History
Sushi History
Sushi Donuts History
Sweetened Condensed Milk History
Sweet Potato History
Sweet Tea History
Swiss Chocolate History
Sylvaner Wine

Food & Beverages T & U (43)

Taco History
Taco Tuesday History
Taffy, Salt Water Taffy & Turkish Taffy History
Tagliatelle Pasta History
Tahini History
Tamales History
Tapas History
Tarte Tatin History
Tater Tot History
Tea Bag History
Tea History
Tea Towel History
Tempranillo Wine History
Tempranillo Wine History 2
Tempura History
Tequila History
Teriyaki History
Thai Iced Tea & Iced Coffee History
Thanksgiving History
Thousand Island Dressing History
Tiki Drinks & Tiki Bar History
Tiradito History
Tiramisu History
Toasting To Your Health History
Toffee History
Tofu History
Tomato History
Tom Collins Cocktail History
Tonic Water History
Torrone History
Tortellini History
Tortilla Chip History
Tortilla History
Trail Mix History
Tres Leches Cake History
Trick-Or-Treating History
Truffles History
Turkey History
Turnover History
Chocolate Turtle Candy History
TV Dinner History
Upside-Down Cake History

Food & Beverages V to Z (42)
Vadouvan Spice History
Valentine’s Day History
Vanilla History
Vanilla Pudding History
Velveeta History
Vermouth History
Vidalia Onions History
Vinegar History
Vodka History
Vichyssoise History
Waffle History
Waffle Iron History
Walnuts History
Wassail Bowl History & Wassailing History
Watercress History
Watermelon History
Wedge Salad History
Wensleydale Cheese
Whipped Cream History
Whiskey History
Whiskey Sour History
White Chocolate History
White Russian Cocktail History
Whole Grains History
Whoopie Pies History
Wiener Schnitzel History
Wine History
Wine Cooler History
Wine Spritzer History
Worcestershire Sauce History
Yeast (Baker’s) History
Yogurt History
Yogurt History 2
York Peppermint Pattie History
Yorkshire Pudding History
Yusheng, Chinese Raw Fish Salad
Za’atar History
Zinfandel Wine History
Zucchini History
Zucchini Bread History


  Avocado Halves
The history of avocado.

National Bagelfest DayBagelfest
The history of bagels.

BLT Sandwich History
The history of the BLT sandwich.

Chai Spice Bundt
The history of cake.

Deviled Eggs With Smoked Okra
The history of deviled eggs.

English Muffins
The history of English muffins.

Peanut Butter Fudge
The history of fudge.

Gin & Tonic
The history of the Gin & Tonic.

No Churn Blackberry Ice Cream
The history of ketchup.

The history of ice cream.

Hibiscus Salt Rim
The history of the Margarita.

The history of pickles.

Artisan Potato Chips
The history of potato chips.

The history of waffles.


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