TIP: Spring Produce

We just couldn’t resist sharing this photo from Good Eggs, a purveyor of specialty foods—including the best local produce—in the San Francisco Bay area. Eat up while they’re in season: The season is fleeting.

PRODUCT: Schuman Cheese Wizardry

[1] Cheeses aging in the Alpine Room. [2] Fontina in a variety of flavorful rubs, $6.99/wedge (photos courtesy Schuman Cheese).   As food swami Anthony Bourdain has said, “you have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.” Where do you go looking for real romantics these days? In…
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Soft Pretzel Bites Recipe For National Pretzel Day

What do you bake on National Pretzel Day (April 26th)? Pretzel bites! These soft, chewy pretzel bites are a version of the jumbo soft pretzels sold by street vendors, and are easier (well, let’s say more elegant) to eat than pulling apart a six-inches-wide pretzel. Warm from the oven and served with a cold beer:…
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