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RECIPE: Kahlùa Ice Cream Float

National Kahlua Day
Cool off with coffee liqueur and ice cream. (photo courtesy Feast And West).

  We’re in for another few really hot and humid days. A cup of hot coffee has no appeal, but we could really go for a Kahlùa ice cream float.



  • Kahlùa or other coffee liqueur
  • Coffee or vanilla ice cream
  • Coffee soda, vanilla (cream) soda or club soda
    If it isn’t strong enough for you, add some vodka.

    1. ADD Kahlùa to the bottom of a tall glass. Add two scoops of ice cream.

    2. TOP with soda, pouring slowly. Serve with a straw and a spoon.


    How about a shot of tequila, rum, vodka or liqueur in your float or ice cream soda? It gives new meaning to the concept of an ice cream social.

    Turn it into a party: Pick a date, choose your “menu” from these recipes and invite the guests! Those who don’t consume alcohol can enjoy their ice cream soda “virgin.”
    NATIONAL KAHLUA DAY IS FEBRUARY 27TH. Try these Kahlua cocktail recipes.


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