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TIP OF THE DAY: What To Do With Green Chartreuse

This Gatsby-inspired cocktail is delicious. Photo
courtesy Moët & Chandon.

If you have a bottle of Chartreuse that languishes on the shelf, we’ve got a recipe that’s so charming and delicious, it’s reason enough to call friends over for a cocktail hour.

The recipe was created as part of The Plaza Hotel’s spring celebration of the new Baz Luhrman film, “The Great Gatsby,” based on the F. Scott Fizgerald novel. The Plaza Hotel is featured in a the novel and the film.*

The sixth film version of The Great Gatsby stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. It opens in theaters on May 10, 2013.

But there’s no reason to wait until then to enjoy the cocktail. Start mixing!


It couldn’t be easier to make this simple-yet-elegant cocktail. The recipe was crafted for the occasion by mixologist Jim Meehan.


Ingredients Per Drink

  • 5 ounces Moët & Chandon Imperial or other brut Champagne
  • 1 sugar cube
  • ¼ ounce green Chartreuse
  • Spiral lime twist
    *On an oppressively hot afternoon, Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy Buchanan and Nick Carraway decide to drive into the city and take a suite at the Plaza Hotel.



    1. SOAK the sugar cube in the Chartreuse.

    2. POUR Champagne into a flute or wine glass and add the sugar cube.

    2. GARNISH with a spiral lime twist.

    If you can get to the Plaza Hotel, there’s much more to enjoy after the cocktail.

    Jay Gatsby would feel right at home in the Plaza Hotel’s Rose Bar. Photo courtesy Plaza Hotel.
    The Plaza is celebrating spring Roaring ‘20s-style, with period-inspired food and drink throughout its lounges and restaurants; guests can drink and dine like Gatsby.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age novel, was originally published by Charles Scribner’s Sons on April 10, 1925. Eighty-eight years later, this April 22nd, The Plaza Hotel will unveil a display of props used in the production of the film, along with some of the costumes worn by the cast.

    If you’re in the chips, inquire about the Fitzgerald Suite, inspired by the new film. The 900-square-foot suite on the 18th floor is a dramatic art deco space where Gatsby and his crew could have spent that hot, indolent and fateful afternoon.

    If you’re headed to The Rose Club or The Champagne Bar for a drink, a live jazz band plays on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

    Chartreuse, pronounced shahr-TROOZ, is a pale green or yellow liqueur made from brandy and aromatic herbs (green Chartreuse is aged with 130 different herbal extracts!). We prefer the original green Chartreuse, which has more complexity. Yellow chartreuse is a later recipe, lower in proof and a sweeter mix of herbs.

    The liqueur, first made by the Carthusian Monks in the 1740s, is named after the Grande Chartreuse monastery, located in the Chartreuse Mountains in southeastern France (in the general region of Grenoble). The liqueur, in turn, gave its name to the startling greenish-yellow color.


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