TIP OF THE DAY: Cooking Rice From Scratch

John Tateossian
Taka Tanaka, CEO and President of AUTEC, the nation’s leading commercial robotic sushi machine provider. Taka takes his years of global experience and knowledge of the sushi culture having worked with sushi chefs around the world to help assist sushi chefs and businesses thrive.

PRODUCTS OF THE WEEK: Honey Stinger, Nature’s Bakery

[1] Nature’s original energy food, honey, is sandwiched between thin, crisp waffle cookies (photos #1 and #2 © Honey Stinger). [2] You can purchase individual waffles or 12-packs. [3] If you’re looking for a better Fig Newton-type bar, look here (photos #3 and #4 © Nature’s Bakery). [4] These fig bars have less added sugar…
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