TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t Leave The Stove Or Grill Unattended

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RECIPE: Strawberries & Cream Shake

May 21st is National Strawberries & Cream Day. This delicious shake was created by Bo’s Kitchen. Bo creates vegan recipes in the U.K. You can make the shake with conventional half-and-half* or with nondairy milk; Bo uses coconut milk. Bo’s recipe: Simmer strawberries in a pan with a bit water and a splash of maple…
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RECIPE: Minted Pea Soup For Spring

[1] Minted pea soup from John Woodhouse (recipe below; photos #1 and #2 courtesy John Woodhouse). [2] Fresh spring peas give a flavor to the soup that frozen peas cannot. [3] You can use half-and-half or heavy cream. See the footnote below (†) for the difference between half-and-half, light cream and heavy cream (photo courtesy…
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