TIP OF THE DAY: Seafood Mixed Grill

[1] From Allen Brothers, a seafood mixed grill assortment of sea bass fillets, giant shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops. [2] Seafood mixed grill (photo courtesy Flavor & The Menu). [3] The original mixed grill is an assortment of meats, like this carnivore’s delight at The Chop House in Singapore.   We’re going upscale on Memorial Day.…
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RESTAURANT: 800° Woodfired Kitchen

We love good pizza. What’s good pizza? To us, it’s a thinner, crispy crust style, a hint of smoke from a wood-fired oven, and great toppings. By great we not only mean top-quality ingredients, but a choice to make our fantasy pie. That, and more, is available at 800° Woodfired Kitchen, with 8 locations on…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t Leave The Stove Or Grill Unattended

Gustafson, Greta via americanredcross.onmicrosoft.com


RECIPE: Strawberries & Cream Shake

May 21st is National Strawberries & Cream Day. This delicious shake was created by Bo’s Kitchen. Bo creates vegan recipes in the U.K. You can make the shake with conventional half-and-half* or with nondairy milk; Bo uses coconut milk. Bo’s recipe: Simmer strawberries in a pan with a bit water and a splash of maple…
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