TIP OF THE DAY: Stracciatella Cheese

The creamy filling in burrata cheese is called stracciatella (strah-chee-ah-TELL-ah). Stracciatella consists of shreds of fresh mozzarella soaked in sweet cream. Stracciatella is a soft, white, creamy buffalo (or sometimes, cow’s) milk cheese* made with straccia (little shreds) of mozzarella. It may be that most people buy burrata instead of mozzarella for the creamy stracciatella†.…
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FOOD FUN: Limburger Cheese & Other Washed Rind Cheeses


JULY 4TH: Bald Eagle Cheese Ball Recipe

A patriotic cheese ball: our national bird, the bald eagle (photo © Di Bruno Bros | Philadelphia).   O.K., we’re impressed! The cheese professionals at Di Bruno Bros in Philadelphia created this bald eagle cheese ball. Why not salute our national bird on July 4th? The garlic-herb cheese ball is great with beer and wine.…
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