TIP OF THE DAY: How To Recycle Plastics

[1] Look around your kitchen to see what can be recycled (photo courtesy Plastic News). [2] Yogurt cups (photo courtesy Yellow Images). [3] Water bottles are one of the biggest contributors to landfill (photo courtesy Free Images Live).   [4] Resin codes, established by the ASTM International Resin Identification Coding System.

PRODUCT: Stirrings Sugar-Free Cocktail Mixes

Sweet cocktails are delicious, beguiling, and…packed full of sugar. Stirrings, a pioneering producer of quality cocktail mixes, offers a solution with two new five-calorie cocktail mixers: 5 Calorie Cosmopolitan Mixer 5 Calorie Margarita Mixer   Now you can enjoy these two top cocktails with no added sugar, no preservatives and no guilt. Instead of sugar…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Sushi & Salad

[1] The Full Circle sushi roll from Bamboo Sushi in Portland, Oregon, places a salad in the center of cut sushi rolls (photo courtesy Bamboo Sushi). [2] Dress the salad with yuzu, if you can. Yuzu is a delicious citrus that combines the flavors and aromas of lemon, lime and grapefruit (photo courtesy J. Patokal…
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RECIPE: Vegan Butternut Squash Tacos Al Pastor

Here’s a treat for Cinco de Mayo that happens to be vegan: Tacos Al Pastor Al pastor is a dish from central Mexico that is an adaptation of shawarma, the spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Shawarma is similar to Turkish döner kebab and the Greek gyros. The dish— Mexican street food—is made…
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PRODUCT: Beefeater Pink Gin For Mother’s Day

[1] Beefeater pink gin produces eye-catching pink cocktails. It gives your favorite cocktails something extra (photo by Greyson Tarantino; all photos courtesy Beefeater). [2] Pink & Soda. [2] Pink French 75. [3] We can get around this cause!   Beefeater Pink Gin is a vibrant new strawberry gin from Beefeater London. Created by master distiller…
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