TIP OF THE DAY: Cooking Rice From Scratch

John Tateossian
Taka Tanaka, CEO and President of AUTEC, the nation’s leading commercial robotic sushi machine provider. Taka takes his years of global experience and knowledge of the sushi culture having worked with sushi chefs around the world to help assist sushi chefs and businesses thrive.

TIP OF THE DAY: Measuring & Weighing Ingredients In The Metric System

[1] Use a kitchen scale to weigh your ingredients (photo © GreaterGoods). [2] Read the directions carefully before you chop nuts, for example (photo © Good Eggs).   If you pay close attention to recipe ingredients, especially for baked goods, you’ve noted that some recipes give measurements in both ounces/teaspoons and grams/milliliters. While Americans have…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t Leave The Stove Or Grill Unattended

Gustafson, Greta via americanredcross.onmicrosoft.com