TIP OF THE DAY: Red-Veined Sorrel

[1] Just-harvested red sorrel, ready for the evening’s menu at Union Square Cafe (photo © Union Square Cafe). [2] Beet and Red Sorrel Salad with Pistachio. Here’s the recipe from Paul Liebrandt (photo © Anna Williams | Food & Wine). [3] Even in a colorful dish, a leaf of red sorrel is eye-catching (photo of…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Green Garlic

Green garlic—also called young garlic or spring garlic—may look like scallions. But they are the immature, spring version of the cured bulbs available year-round. Harvested when young, green garlic looks like scallions (a.k.a. green onions). The bulb has not yet begun to separate into cloves (photo #1). At this stage in its youth, the whole…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Winter Grain Bowls

[1] While waiting for spring produce to appear in another 6 weeks or so, try make winter grain bowls from the infographic below (photo © Good Eggs).   Many people got onto the grain bowl bandwagon several years ago. We’re late to the game, unless you consider our regular outing for a Sofritas Bowl at…
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FOOD FUN: Pink Crudités (Raw Vegetables)

For a low-calorie, high-visual Valentine’s Day plate, how about pink crudités? Specialty produce purveyor Sid Wainer created this beauty with: Breakfast radishes and conventional radishes Chioggia beets (photo #2) Purple potatoes (cooked) Red/purple endive (photo #4) Red jacket potatoes (cooked) Red onion (pickled garnish for dip) Watermelon radishes (photo #4)   You can also add:…
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RECIPE: Pommes Aligot, A Very ‘Cheesy Potatoes’ Recipe