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PRODUCT: Stirrings Sugar-Free Cocktail Mixes

Sweet cocktails are delicious, beguiling, and…packed full of sugar.

Stirrings, a pioneering producer of quality cocktail mixes, offers a solution with two new five-calorie cocktail mixers:

  • 5 Calorie Cosmopolitan Mixer
  • 5 Calorie Margarita Mixer
    Now you can enjoy these two top cocktails with no added sugar, no preservatives and no guilt.

    Instead of sugar (or corn syrup), the cocktail mixes are flavored with a natural-tasting blend of sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

    Otherwise, the ingredients you expect—cranberry juice in the Cosmo, key lime juice in the Margarita, are all natural, and there are no preservatives.

    How about 5 Calorie Mixers for Mother’s Day:

  • To serve guests.
  • As gifts for cocktail-loving moms.
    A 25.4-fluid ounce bottle is $6.99.

    Head to your nearest Stirrings retailer (here’s a store locator) or buy them online directly from Stirrings.

    Then…bottoms up, with far fewer calories!


    Stirrings 5-Calorie Cosmopolitan Mix

    Stirrings 5 Calorie Margarita Mix
    [1 & 2] The new five-calorie cocktail mixes. Top, Cosmopolitan; bottom, Margarita (photo courtesy Stirrings).



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