Produce Safety: How To Wash Fruits & Vegetables

The American food supply is quite safe. But every now and then, bacteria and viruses cause dangerous outbreaks, most often tied to produce. According to an estimate from the CDC, produce causes nearly half of all foodborne illnesses. Dairy and eggs cause 20%, meat and poultry cause 22%, and fish and shellfish 6% [source]. Where…
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How To Stop Food Waste For Earth Day & Every Day

With so many people going hungry in the U.S. (much less, worldwide), it’s shocking how much food we waste. It’s not just us, the consumers. It’s the whole food chain, from “ugly” produce left to rot in the field, to problems with transportation and storage, to foods thrown out by grocers, foodservice, etc. In fact,…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Peel Potatoes In Advance

Baby gold potatoes, ready to peel the day before (photo © Melissa’s Produce).   September is National Potato Month. We’ve got a tip for anyone who peels potatoes, to cut down on potato prep time. The solution is a time shuffle: Peel the potatoes the day before. Sound obvious? It is! We peel potatoes the…
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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Recycle Plastics

[1] Look around your kitchen to see what can be recycled (photo courtesy Plastic News). [2] Yogurt cups (photo courtesy Yellow Images). [3] Water bottles are one of the biggest contributors to landfill (photo courtesy Free Images Live).   [4] Resin codes, established by the ASTM International Resin Identification Coding System.

TIP OF THE DAY: 30+ Ways To Have A Greener Holiday

[1] Go green with reusable shopping bags (photo courtesy Pier 1 Imports). [2] Give rechargeable batteries with gifts that require batteries (photo courtesy Energizer). [3] Some people would rather you give a donation in their name (image courtesy Feeding America). [4] Use newspaper wrap to plain or fancy effect (photo courtesy Steemit). [5] Buy a…
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