PRODUCT: Baileys Limited Edition Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur

[1] Drink it chilled, hot or at room temperature (all photos © Diageo). [2] Make a sundae with vanilla ice dream and sautéed apples. Better yet, make boozy ice cream [3] Bake with it. How about a Baileys Apple Chai Pie? Here’s the recipe. [4] Give it as a gift, or buy a bottle for…
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RECIPE: Cranberry Eggnog

[1] Eggnog was originally served in a four-ounce cup, called a nog (photo and recipe © Whole Foods Market). It’s the size of a modern punch cup. [2] We like a grated nutmeg garnish on eggnog. You can substitute grated chocolate. (photo © McCormick). [3] If you want to serve a nibble with the nog,…
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