Gourmet Omnom Chocolate From Iceland For Christmas & All Winter Long

Omnom, the delightful Icelandic chocolate line that was our recent Top Pick Of The Week, has a special holiday collection of three bars—dark, milk and white chocolate—that are a treat for the chocolate lover. The Winter Collection draws inspiration from Icelandic festive traditions. Packaged in Omnom’s stunning artwork, as are all the bars, (we think…
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Holiday Flavor Lindor Chocolate Truffles From Lindt

Lindt is the world’s largest premium chocolate company. The Swiss-based confectioner, which dates back to Zurich in 1845, has a U.S. production facility in New Hampshire. The company maintains quality while producing chocolate in volume, making

Gourmet Hanukkah Chocolate From L.A. Burdick

[1] The medium Hanukkah Chocolate Assortment: 30 pieces of deliciousness (all photos © Burdick Chocolate). [2] You can repurpose the empty box for jewelry, keepsakes, office supplies—or use it to package another gift. [3] Some of the bonbons. [4] Close up on the menorah bonbon. [5] The large box, 50 bonbons.   L.A. Burdick is…
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Homemade Chocolate Bars For National Chocolate Day

[1] Semisweet chocolate bar with dried fruits and nuts (photos #1 and #2 © Pampered Chef). [2] A white chocolate bar with rainbow sprinkles. [3] Dulcey or blonde chocolate, created by Valrhona, is white chocolate that has been caramelized to a buttery, rich caramel flavor. These bars are sprinkled with cookie pearls at Nuchocolat (photo…
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Omnom Chocolate: Elegant Chocolate Bars & More From Iceland

[1] These “anytime” bars are especially fine Halloween gifts for your connosseiur friends and family. The Black N’ Burnt Barley Bar has crow imagery. Quoth the raven, “give me lots of these” (all photos © Omnom Chocolate). [2] The Burnt N’ Black Barley Bars have bits of roasted barley that add a wonderful nuance to…
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