Hanukkah Cocktail Recipe (Or Is that Chanukah?): A Blue Daiquiri

[1] Blue Winter Daiquiri, the perfect color for Hanukkah, rimmed with decorating sugar (both photos © Kōloa Rum). [2] Kōloa white rum is one of seven rum expressions, plus three bottled rum cocktails.   Spell it Hanukkah or Chanukah, the Festival of Lights began last night. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy this…
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Santa Clausthaler Non Alcoholic Christmas Beer: Yummy!

We always plan ahead for non-alcoholic drinks that are also fun. Last year, we discovered Santa Clausthaler Nonalcoholic Beer, a seasonal brew from Germany’s Clausthaler, the world’s largest brewer of non-alcoholic beer. It’s purely coincidental that the brewery was able to insert “Santa” in front of its name to have a perfectly-named holiday beer. Pick…
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A Dutch Masterpiece Gouda Cheese

[1] A Gouda snack with beer or wine (photos #1 to #7 © A Dutch Masterpiece). [2] Rembrandt’s self-portrait and “Night’s Watch” grace the package of a delicious aged Gouda. [3] Vermeer, a reduced-fat Gouda, also has less salt. Vincent is a Gouda with some flavor notes of Parmesan [4] Frans Hals is an aged…
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Holiday Flavor Lindor Chocolate Truffles From Lindt

Lindt is the world’s largest premium chocolate company. The Swiss-based confectioner, which dates back to Zurich in 1845, has a U.S. production facility in New Hampshire. The company maintains quality while producing chocolate in volume, making

Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich On A Biscuit

Thanksgiving on a biscuit: how we enjoyed the leftovers this morning (photo © Mason Dixie Foods).   Here’s what we created for breakfast with the Thanksgiving leftovers: a turkey biscuit sandwich! 1. TOP the bottom layer of a biscuit with mashed potatoes. 2. ADD a layer of stuffing. 3. NEXT, the turkey. 4. THEN, cranberry…
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