TIP OF THE DAY: Seacuterie Instead Of Charcuterie



FOOD FUN: Antipasto Cone Appetizer & Cocktail Snack

If you like to entertain with fun elements, how about a cone holder (photo #3)? Available in sizes from small to large, you can use them to serve: Ice cream cones Sushi hand rolls Popcorn and snack mixes Homemade potato chips or veggie chips Cotton candy Fries Fruit…and now… Antipasto!   We decided to try…
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TIP OF THE DAY: DIY Guacamole Garnishes

[1] Start with plain guacamole, chunky or smooth; then mix in your favorites from a long list of choices (photo © McCormick). [2] DIY guacamole provides a variety of mix-ins; here at Cocina 214 in Winter Park, Florida (photo © Cocina 214). [3] You can go fusion-style, too. Here, Argentinian-style guacamole, with grilled beef (photos…
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