Holiday Flavor Lindor Chocolate Truffles From Lindt

Lindt is the world’s largest premium chocolate company. The Swiss-based confectioner, which dates back to Zurich in 1845, has a U.S. production facility in New Hampshire. The company maintains quality while producing chocolate in volume, making

GIFT PICK: Specialty Chocolate Bars From Dean’s Sweets

[1] Dean’s chocolate bar trio: White & Dark Chocolate Layers With Crushed Coffee Beans, Milk Chocolate With Potato Chips, Dark Chocolate With Brandied Candied Orange Peel. [2] At right: Little snow people in dark, milk and white chocolate (package of 10 assorted). Big snow people are also available (all photos courtesy Dean’s Sweets).   Everything…
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PRODUCT: Brigadeiros For National Candy Day

November 4th is National Candy Day, and we’d like to introduce you to a type that’s relatively new in the U.S.: brigadeiros. They’re a Brazilian cousin to the original chocolate truffles: smooth, creamy and intensely chocolate, with no hard shell, but rolled in sprinkles or nuts (photo #1). The chocolates have an interesting history. In…
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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Cake Truffles & Other Sweets

[1] The most glamorous cake truffles, from Kim Crawford and Mini Melanie Bakery. Both the wine bottles and truffles are limited edition for the holidays. (photo Kim Crawford). [2] Santa’s Coal marshmallows are a spin on cookies and cream (photos #2 and #3 XO Marshmallow). [3] Peppermint marshmallows are seasonal special. Imagine melting them in…
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