As the year ends, we revisit some of our favorite products of the year. They’re all Top Picks Of The Week, but they’re the ones that we can’t stop eating. If you’re looking for something new and special, we strongly recommend them. In alphabetical order, we present:   BETTER-FOR-YOU FOODS Better Beans Most of us…
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PRODUCTS: Favorites From Recent Grocery Tastings

[1] Tasty snacks from a French company that has set down roots in the U.S. (photo courtesy Bakerly). [2] Perfectly flavored rice sides are now a cinch (photo courtesy Royal Basmati). [3] The Thin Mint cookie finds a new expression in yogurt from Yoplait.   We buy lots of products to try, and we are…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Bone Broth For Breakfast

[1] A hot, hearty, nutritious breakfast (photo courtesy Good Eggs). [2] You can buy bone broth in multiple or individual serving sizes (photo courtesy Appetite For Health).   Over the last couple of years, bone broth—made from the bones of beef or chicken—has become the nutrition du jour, for lunch, dinner, and for breaks during…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Quick Homemade Ramen Soup

[1] This comfort food is ready in just 10 minutes with this recipe (photo © Good Eggs). [2] Three different ways to serve ramen (photo © Kabuki Japanese Restaurants There are more ramen recipes below. > The history of ramen noodles.

RECIPES: It’s Cherry Time!

Fresh cherry season begins in May; but today is George Washington’s Birthday, a traditional occasion for cherry pie and other cherry recipes. We started the day with a Cherry Yogurt Parfait. Chobani, Dannon and Yoplait, among others, sell cherry-flavored yogurt; but one can easily make a more festive yogurt parfait. And we did! We prefer…
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