FOOD 101: What’s An Etrog?

VALENTINE GIFT: A Peppercorn Plant (Piper Nigrum)

Many people grow herbs at home. How about peppercorns? If your Valentine has a green thumb, a peppercorn plant is a different kind of gift. You can grow one as a houseplant (photo #1); or if you live in a semi-tropical climate, you can grow it outdoors (here’s what you need to know to grow…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Red Rice, A Whole Grain

Of all the international foods that have become mainstream in the U.S., some lovely rice varieties from Asia remain largely unknown. When we want to add something extra to a dish, we often replace the white or brown rice with red rice of black rice. As with brown rice, red and black are whole grain.…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Thanksgiving Turkey Varieties

TOP PHOTO: Broad Breasted White, America’s supermarket turkey. Photo courtesy Porter Turkeys. BOTTOM PHOTO: What the Pilgrims ate: the original wild turkey, a streamlined physique. Photo by Larry Price | National Wild Turkey Federation.   The turkey is a native American bird. As everyone who went to grade school here knows, it was enjoyed by…
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