HALLOWEEN FOOD FUN: Skeleton Barware & Drink Glasses

[1] For Halloween and beyond, barware to meet all needs. Here, a carafe with a bottle of KAH blanco tequila (both photos © Pottery Barn). [2] A double old fashioned glass with a blood-red cocktail, like Satan’s Whiskers.   We’d use these glasses year-round, but they may be a very welcome substitute for fine chocolates.…
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ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Two Takes On A Green Pancakes Recipe

Green pancakes with optional Lucky Charms (photo courtesy I Heart Naptime). The marshmallows have been plucked from the cereal. Lucky Charms cereal (photo courtesy General Mills).   From Jamielyn of I Heart Naptime, Saint Patrick’s breakfast includes green pancakes with Lucky Charms, green milk (use food color) and rainbow fruit parfaits. She says, “Every once…
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