TIP OF THE DAY: Pavlova Dessert For Passover & Easter

If you’ve ever seen individual meringue cups/shells in a bakery and wondered what they are: They’re the base of Pavlovas*. Light and airy, they are filled with fruit to make an impressive gluten-free and fat-free dessert (photo #2). Pavlova is quick-assembly dessert that’s impressive and low-calorie. It consists of a meringue base topped with fresh…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Hong Kong Waffles, Bubble Waffles, Egg Waffles


FOOD 101: Mahlepi or Mahleb, A Middle Eastern Spice

We would never have heard of mahlepi or mahleb*, a Middle Eastern spice, were it not for Greek tsoureki (photo #1), one of our favorite Easter breads. Tsoureki, a soft, sweet and buttery braided yeast loaf, is famous for its embedded Easter eggs. We’ve never made it because it’s a two-day process, and we never…
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FOOD FUN: Deviled Eggs On Wheatgrass

[1] Set deviled eggs or Easter eggs in a planter of wheatgrass. Here’s how to grow wheatgrass from Country Girl Home. [2] Deviled eggs in wheatgrass, at Essex Street Market | NYC. [3] Turn your deviled eggs into chicks, with this idea from Julie Blanner Entertaining & Design.   It doesn’t have to be Easter…
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