TIP OF THE DAY: The Best Squash For Pumpkin Pie & Other Pumpkin Desserts

[1] What’s in your pumpkin pie (photo © Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board)? [2] Pumpkin Tartlet (photo © The Daphne Baking Company [alas, now closed]).   If your only experience in baking pumpkin pie is “from the can,” you have no idea what kind of pumpkin is inside. In fact, it’s probably not pumpkin, but a…
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What’s for breakfast during pumpkin season? Bagels with pumpkin cream cheese spread! We recently devoured a whole wheat bagel with pumpkin cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts, and are now hooked on this holiday spread. It’s easy to make, with your choice of cream cheese (regular or fat free) or fresh goat cheese. Or, substitute sour…
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PRODUCT: The Best Pumpkin Pie Crust

Fall pie crust cutters. Photo courtesy William-Sonoma.   Want to make the most talked-about pumpkin pie, pecan pie or sweet potato pie crust ever? These pie crust cutters are an easy way to create a dazzling crust. Just press the spring-loaded cutters into dough and release delicate shapes—acorn, leaf, pumpkin and turkey—embossed with fine detail.…
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RECIPES: Pie Cocktails

Drink Grandma’s Cherry Pie. Photocourtesy 1800 Tequila.   Celebrate National Pie Day (January 23rd) with a pie cocktail. You can have your pie and drink it, too. The mixologists at 1800 Tequila have created drink versions for Caramel Apple Pie, Grandma’s Cherry Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Get the recipes. Find more of our favorite cocktails.

RECIPE: Ice Cream (Or Frozen Yogurt) Pumpkin Pie

Here’s a different pumpkin pie for your holiday: made with pumpkin ice cream or frozen yogurt. If you’re looking for something special beyond the traditional pumpkin pie, how about an ice cream or frozen yogurt pumpkin pie? This recipe, created by Louise McLane, comes to us from our favorite frozen yogurt purveyor, Sweet Scoops (read…
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