RECIPE: Elote (Mexican Street Corn), Italian-Style

Whether or not you’ve had elote, grilled Mexican street corn, you may want to try this Italianized version. Instead of the Mexican toppings—there are numerous options* but a popular combination is Tajin seasoning chili powder and lime juice in Mexico, In the following recipe, the Mexican seasonings are replaced by basil pesto and

TIP OF THE DAY: Chermoula Sauce

Last night at a nine-course feast at the home of our wine editor, we were served a dish of scallops, sautéed greens and a hearty topping of freshly-made pesto. A conversation ensued among the nut-averse and lactose-intolerant in attendance, that they didn’t use pesto because of the cheese or the nuts. There’s an easy alternative:…
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RECIPE: Pesto Parmesan Potato Stacks

If you followed yesterday’s tip and made pesto, here’s a fun recipe that works for everyday or company. Pesto Parmesan Potato Stacks, a fun side dish from, simply tosses thinly sliced potato rounds in a bowl with Parmesan and pesto. You stack them in a muffin tin, bake and voilà! The Parmesan melts into…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Pesto Cheese Spread

Think of pesto, and it evokes different recipe ideas. You can use this versatile sauce and condiment—a blend of basil,* olive oil, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese—for: Bread Dipper & Bruschetta: Use pesto as a bread dipper or as a bruschetta topping. Condiment: Pesto is a great condiment for fish, meat, sandwiches and vegetables. Dip:…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Christmas Hors d’Oeuvres

We topped a rice cracker with roasted red pepper, a bocconcino (mozzarella ball) and pesto. Photo by Melody Lan THE NIBBLE. Deck the “hors” and be sure to include some red and green hors d’oeuvre* at your holiday party. Some crowd-pleasers are very easy to make. Skewer: Take long toothpicks and make a skewer of…
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