TIP OF THE DAY: Red Grapefruit For Valentine’s Day

[1] Section the flesh with a serrated grapefruit knife or grapefruit spoons (photo © Budays Mart | Amazon). [2] How about a yogurt parfait for breakfast or lunch, here with some lime and mint? Here’s the recipe from Taste Of Home (photo © Taste Of Home). [3] For lunch or dinner, add red grapefruit segments…
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FOOD FUN: Valentine Tacos

If you can find Ortega’s Red Bell Pepper Taco Shells*, you can make Valentine Tacos (photo #1). Or, arrange conventional tacos in a heart shape (photo #2). In either case, top Valentine tortillas with your favorite red garnishes, such as: Bell pepper Onion Radish Tomato   Top fish tacos with rosy pink imitation crab leg…
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RECIPE: Pommes Aligot, A Very ‘Cheesy Potatoes’ Recipe


RECIPE: Gourmet Onion Dip, With Caramelized Onions

Fine food lovers: The days of mixing sour cream with Lipton Onion Soup mix are behind you. Herewith, a better recipe for Game Day or any party. It uses caramelized onions, crème fraîche and fromage blanc, making it more “French” than a dip made with onion soup mix. The recipe comes to us from Bellwether…
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