Sfoglini Organic Artisan Pasta Gifts & Pasta Of The Month Club

[1] Sfoglini artisan pasta makes beautiful shapes like these reginetti, ribbon-shape pasta, shown here with black truffles. It’s a gourmet’s fantasy realized (all photos © Sfoglini Pasta except as noted). [2] The Pasta-Of-The-Month Club delivers two boxes of artisan pasta each month. [3] The famous dish Cacio e Pepe, madw with trumpet pasta. Here’s the…
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Cookie Pop & Candy Pop Limited-Edition Holiday Flavors

How about some whole-grain, fiber-filled snacking for the holidays? Sure, there are chocolate and sugar involved; but Cookie Pop and Candy Pop are not empty calories like many holiday treats. They’re based on popcorn, a whole-grain food with these benefits. But yes, they are a sugary snack. We love them! We can’t stop munching away…
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Artisan Pancake & Waffle Mixes For Home & Gifts

Our Top Pick Of The Week is for pancake and waffle lovers who want some more excitement on their plates. Those who have only used store-bought mixes are in for a surprise with Southern Culture Artisan Foods: pancakes and waffles with such beautiful flavor that we couldn’t stop eating them—pancakes so flavorful that no maple…
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Holiday Flavor Lindor Chocolate Truffles From Lindt

Lindt is the world’s largest premium chocolate company. The Swiss-based confectioner, which dates back to Zurich in 1845, has a U.S. production facility in New Hampshire. The company maintains quality while producing chocolate in volume, making

Brownwood Farms Flavored Ketchup For Home & For Food Gifts

Yes, you can give ketchup as a gift to a foodie or a general ketchup lover. When it’s a “gourmet” ketchup like Brownwood Farms Ketchup, made in three flavors that add more excitement to burgers, fries hot dogs, meatloaf, sandwiches…wherever you use ketchup. Want to make your own ketchup? Here’s a recipe. You can even…
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