VALENTINE’S DAY: Magnum Ruby Ice Cream Bars (Real Pink Chocolate!)

[1] Magnum’s Ruby Mini Ice Cream Bar (photo © Magnum Ice Cream).   A few months ago we wrote about ruby chocolate, the fourth type of chocolate after dark, milk and white. Ruby is the first new chocolate in 80 years. The pink-colored chocolate gets its hue naturally, from a particular type of cacao bean.…
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VALENTINE GIFT: A Peppercorn Plant (Piper Nigrum)

Many people grow herbs at home. How about peppercorns? If your Valentine has a green thumb, a peppercorn plant is a different kind of gift. You can grow one as a houseplant (photo #1); or if you live in a semi-tropical climate, you can grow it outdoors (here’s what you need to know to grow…
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RECIPE: Pommes Aligot, A Very ‘Cheesy Potatoes’ Recipe

PRODUCT: World Centric Paper Straws (The Best Paper Straws!)

From ancient times, man has used drinking straws. Here’s the history of the drinking straw, dating back to Sumeria. The modern drinking straw, made of paper, debuted in 1888, ultimately coated in wax so it would hold up longer before getting mushy. But mushy it did get, losing its shape when saturated with liquid. The…
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