TIP OF THE DAY: Gourmet Cheesesteak For National Cheesesteak Day


TIP OF THE DAY: Make A Grain Bowl

If you order grain bowls at cafes or take-outs, have you ever made them at home? A grain bowl is essentially a complete meal in one bowl. Combining whole grains, proteins, vegetables, and dressing, it’s a nutritious and filling lunch or light dinner, This tip from DeLallo Foods is an easy blueprint.     HOW…
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TIP OF THE DAY: The Dirty Dozen, 2019

[1] Top on the list of pesticide-laden produce: strawberries (photo courtesy In Harvest). [2] Popeye beware: Spinach is #2 (photo Stephen Ausmus | USDA Agricultural Research Service). [3] In addition to nutrition, kale is laden with pesticides (photo courtesy National Kale Day).   Your fresh produce may not be as innocently good for you as…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Easy Fancy Dessert

[1] This fancy-looking dessert is quickly assembled from easily-available ingredients (photo courtesy Good Food On Montford). [2] Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes, rolled wafer cookies, are an easy dessert garnish (photo courtesy Pepperidge Farm).   It doesn’t take much effort to turn ordinary ingredients into a great-looking dish. This example (photo #1), from Good Food On Montford…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Plan Ahead For Pi Day

While National Pie Day is January 23rd, March 14th, 3.14, is National Pi Day. The date format 3.14 is the same as the first three digits of pi. The first 10 digits are 3.1415926535. There are many more: Pi has been calculated to more than one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. Some people are…
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