TIP OF THE DAY: How To Tell If A Pear Is Ripe…& Ways To Serve Pears


TIP OF THE DAY: Stop Apples, Bananas & Pears From Browning

What do these fruits have in common? Once sliced, they begin to discolor quickly. [1] Sliced apples (photo courtesy US Apple Association). [2] Sliced banana (photo courtesy Baby-Recipes.com). [3] Sliced pears (photo courtesy USA Pears). [4] Squeezing citrus juice on cut fruit is just one of 6 techniques (photo courtesy Texasweet).   Now that we’re…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Keep Fruit From Browning

Even though our pears ended up baked toa brown color, we didn’t want them tooxidize before baking. Photo by LouisHiemstra | IST.   When we received a generous gift of juicy Royal Riviera Pears from Harry & David, we were excited to explore all kinds of pear recipes: pear tarts, pickled pears, pear sorbet, and…
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PRODUCT: Harry And David Pear Gift

We love Harry And David’s luscious, juicy Royal Riviera Pears. Throughout October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can send specially packaged “Pink Pears” as a gift. Nine large pears, some wrapped in pink foil, plus a limited-edition pink tote bag, are $36.95. Your purchase helps fight cancer: 25% of proceeds will be donated to breast…
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