TIP OF THE DAY: Building Up Canned Soup

Soups from the can, even when they’re good, can be made even better with a few added ingredients. In this tip, we’ll show you how we enhanced one of our favorites, and inspire you to do the same. We adore Thai chicken coconut soup (tom kha gai, translated as chicken galangal soup—photo #1). It’s a…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Make A Hearty Soup

[1] Kidney bean, kale and squash soup (photo courtesy Bush’s Best). Parsnip soup with bacon, chive and blue cheese garnish (photo courtesy Castello Cheese). Squash soup with drizzled sour cream garnish. Here’s how to drizzle creamy or flavored oil garnishes (photo courtesy Between The Bread | Facebook). Cheddar cheese soup with jalapeño, microgreens and red…
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RECIPE: Truffled Matzoh Ball Soup





RECIPE: Matzoh Ball Salad

When we first saw this photo (#1) on Angelica Kitchen’s Facebook page, we thought it was a matzoh balls salad. We soon discovered that the matzoh ball look-alikes are actually masa corn dumplings (chochoyotes). In case you’ve never thought about it [and who has?], matzoh balls are a different style of dumplings than pierogi and…
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