PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Diestel Turkey Meatloaf

We are big fans of the turkey products from Diestel Family Ranch, a premier breeder of whole turkeys and other turkey treats. There are: Conventional whole turkeys plus Non-GMO and organic options. Boneless turkey breast that’s 100% breast, no patched-up pieces. Turkey burgers, chorizo, franks, ground turkey and sandwich slices including turkey pastrami, sausage.  …
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RECIPE: Chicken Thighs with Polenta

FOOD FUN: Prosciutto Sandwich On Buttered Challah

People who know the religious significance of challah may raise an eyebrow at our headline. (There’s more about challah below). The sandwich may be tongue-in-cheek [photo #1], but it’s delicious. Here’s our adaptation of the recipe. Beer is a great beverage pairing. Prosciutto is the cured hind leg of the pig, as is American ham.…
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GIFT: Meal Delivery Gift Card

A great gift for any occasion—and especially for a last-minute holiday gift—is a subscription to a meal delivery service. You can send it anytime, in the sum of your choice. The recipient gets an email with instructions on how to select and order his/her meals. We recently received a gift of a week of prepared…
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