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Halloween Food: Creepy Meat Pie & Pot Pie Recipes

[1] What you can do with a pot pie for Halloween (photo © D & D | London).

[2] There’s no octopus in this beef pot pie; but the crust fits right in with Halloween. Here’s the recipe (photo © Cook’n).


D&D London is a collection of 43 diverse restaurants, bars and one hotel based principally in London, but also with locations in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol Paris and New York. Since then the company was founded in 2006, it has become a vital player in London’s restaurant scene. Look at this dish and you’ll know why. The creativity in the food simply rocks.

This meat pie (think pot pie) from the New Street Grill took the Halloween concept to heart by creating this Sweeney Todd meat pie.

It includes wild boar, venison, partridge and pigeon.

But the pièce de résistance: two spooky partridge legs sticking through the crust.

Spattered with “blood” made from tart cherry juice (here’s the recipe).

Are we brave enough to eat it? Heck, yes!
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