PRODUCT: Sourdough Hot Dog Buns Kit

New England-style sourdough hot dog buns from King Arthur Flour.   For the fast-approaching grilling season (in the Northeast, it begins unofficially with Memorial Day Weekend), here’s a way to impress your guests and enjoy your hot dogs even more: Sourdough hot dog buns. You can bake them easily with

RECIPE: Guava Cocktail

Enjoy this sunny cocktail from one of our favorite restaurants, Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian churrascaria with locations worldwide (and many in the U.S.—send someone a gift card!). It’s called Guava do Sul, guava sunshine. You can stop in for a cocktail or have it as the beginning of an entire wonderful dinner. We liked…
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PRODUCTS: This Week’s Favorites, Most Gluten Free

[1] One of three flavors of new Muesli Cups—two are gluten free—from Bob’s Red Mill (photo courtesy Bob’s Red Mill). [2] Cali’flour cauliflower pizza crusts, including new Jalapeno (photo courtesy Cali’Flour Foods). [3] Snikiddy’s baked cheese puffs, organic and gluten-free (photo courtesy Snikiddy). [4] Trader Joe’s Birthday Bar: white chocolate, cookie crumbs and sprinkles (photo…
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FOOD FUN: A Beautiful Bagel

Few people would call a bagel beautiful, but Baldor Specialty Foods has overturned that notion. On top of an everything bagel with cream cheese, they have arranged: Capers Edible flowers Chives Mini cucumbers Pickled red onions Salmon Caviar Smoked Salmon   You can substitute goat cheese for the cream cheese. If your Mother’s Day breakfast…
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FOOD 101: Empanadas, History & National Empanada Day

[1] Latin American empanadas are made in individual portions (photo courtesy Fairway | NYC). [2] Chicken empanadas (photo courtesy Good Eggs). [3] Galician and Portuguese empanadas are made as a whole pie and served in slices (photo courtesy Maria Lunarillos)   May 8th is National Empanada Day. Most Americans know empanadas as fried Latin American…
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