TIP OF THE DAY: Gremolata

Season your food with a pinch of gremolata, a mixture of herbs and other seasonings. Photo courtesy Aunt Nellie’s. Get the soup recipe. Italy is known for its flavorful cuisine. One of the secrets is knowing how to use fresh herbs. Gremolata (alternate spelling gremolada) is a lively fresh-chopped condiment that commonly includes parsley and/other…
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GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips

Super Bowl Sunday is February 6. If you win this week’s Gourmet Giveaway prize, you will be well prepared for a football party. Two lucky winners will each receive two bags of every flavor of Laurel Hill Tortilla Chips, including: Multigrain Nacho Cheese Olive & Caper Pumpkin Seed Sea Salt & Lime Made with all-natural…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Make Creamy Dressing

Make creamy salad dressing by adding a bit of cream to basic vinaigrette. Photo courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. We’re always surprised that so many folks who cook their meals buy bottled dressing for the salad. Bottled dressing is expensive, and it’s so easy to make your own. When we ask people why they just…
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PRODUCT: Microwave Pasta Boat

Usually, when we see a product at retail that touts “As Seen On TV,” we rush past it. Personal experience—as well as reviews and segments produced by television journalists—show that a lot of infomercial-sold merchandise doesn’t measure up to claims. But we had a good experience with the Microwave Pasta Boat. Those who cook pasta…
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RECIPES: Pie Cocktails

Drink Grandma’s Cherry Pie. Photocourtesy 1800 Tequila.   Celebrate National Pie Day (January 23rd) with a pie cocktail. You can have your pie and drink it, too. The mixologists at 1800 Tequila have created drink versions for Caramel Apple Pie, Grandma’s Cherry Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Get the recipes. Find more of our favorite cocktails.