CLASSES: Butcher Classes

What do you do after your blog has been turned into a highly-noticed book and Meryl Streep and Amy Adams have starred in the film version? You become a butcher! “Julie And Julia: My Year Of Cooking Dangerously” author Julie Powell has released her next book, “Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession”, her…
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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Best Foods Of 2009, Part 2, Sweet Foods

A brownie with Somebody’s Mother’s heavenly white chocolate sauce. Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.   This is the second part of our “The Best Of 2009”: the Top Pick Of The Week specialty and gourmet food products that have become a permanent part of our lives. This week, our picks are the sweet…
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PRODUCT: Champagne For New Year’s Eve

Krug Champagne, our favorite. We toast every new year with it. Haven’t picked a celebration bubbly yet? Here are our Champagne and sparkling wine recommendations from a few years ago. We’re tasting them all tonight to update the article. Krug is still our favorite (but pricey). In addition to tête de cuvee bottle in the…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Champagne Gift

Tomorrow is National Champagne Day (appropriately, it’s New Year’s Eve). Most people bring a bottle of Champagne as a gift to New Year’s Eve parties. Add a book about Champagne, and your gift will be remembered long after the bubbles are gone. See one of our favorite books on Champagne. Photo courtesy Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties.