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PRODUCT WATCH: Do-Good Brownies

Now there’s a socially-responsible reason to buy a dozen tempting brownies. When you buy them from Greyston Bakery, you can indulge both your sweet tooth and your good will—you’ll be supporting this inner-city bakery in Southwest Yonkers, New York. Profits go to community development initiatives, including low-income housing, childcare, health services and technology education, and the business provides jobs in an area where there is a high concentration of hard-to-employ individuals.   Brownie A La Mode
Ben & Jerry’s is a big supporter: The ice cream titan, known for its support of social causes, serves Greyston brownies exclusively. The delicious brownies and blondies can be ordered online at One dozen brownies (Blondie, Chocolate Fudge, Espresso and/or Walnut, available in individual flavors or as an assortment) are $32. The brownies, made of top-quality ingredients, are sweet and buttery. We especially enjoyed the blondies.

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NEW ARTICLE: Divvies Cupcakes, Cookies & Popcorn

Divvies CupcakeBuy enough to divvy because you won’t want to share.   We get boxes and boxes of sweet delights sent to us weekly, and many provide great gustatory enjoyment. But a box of Divvies chocolate cupcakes and a tub of vanilla icing provided so much pure glee, we felt no need to add the multicolored nonpareil “sprinkles.” We had no complaints with the cookies and kettle corn either. This beautifully-packaged line wins the trifecta: It looks great, it taste great, and it’s free of some major allergens (eggs, dairy and nuts). Not surprisingly, it was developed by a mom with an allergic kid. We’re happy that people with these allergies now have more delicious delights to divvy up, and we’re still trying to figure out how those cupcakes taste so great with no eggs or butter. Read about all of the treats from Divvies.

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CONTEST: Win Delectable Cookies

The Cooperstown Cookie Company is marking the beginning of Fall with the its Baseball Cookie Playoffs. Vote online at for your favorite flavor of Baseball Shortbread, and you might win a box. The baseball-shaped cookies come in four flavors: Classic Shortbread, Mudville Mudball Chocolate Chip Shortbread, Boys of Summer Lemon Shortbread and All-Star Almond Shortbread.Each week leading up to the World Series, the Cooperstown Cookie Company will pick a voter   Cooperstown Cookies
at random to win a free Ballpark Bunt Box, the company’s newest product. The winning flavor will be announced at the National Baseball Hall of Fame World Series Gala on October 27. Read our review of the baseball shortbread wonders.

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