TIP OF THE DAY: Iced Tea Ice Cubes

Iced green tea with green tea ice cubes. Photo by Tomo Jesenicnikc | IST.   It’s National Iced Tea Month, so we‘re repeating one of our favorite tips for iced tea lovers: Make your ice cubes from the same tea. This way, you can keep your iced tea ice-cold without diluting it. It’s a more…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Make Pitcher Art With An Ice Ball mold

Goodness gracious, great balls of ice! These ice ball molds from Prepara beg you to unleash your inner ice artist. The individual plastic ice molds create jumbo, three-inch-diameter ice balls for pitchers and punch bowls, letting you add flavors and visuals. Fill the molds with lemonade, iced tea, juice or whatever’s in the pitcher, so…
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TIP OF THE DAY: July 4th Ice Cubes

Make star-shaped ice with an inexpensivestar-shaped ice cube tray.   Make your ice cubes special for July 4th. It’s easy! Just freeze 2 blueberries and a raspberry in each compartment of your ice cube tray. For an extra-special presentation, make “star” ice cubes. You can order a star-shaped ice cube tray from Amazon.com.     

FATHER’S DAY: A Gift Of Whiskey Stones

Switch ice cubes for stone cubes and you won’t dilute your drink. Photo courtesy Sur La Table. Whiskey stones, you ask? Talk about “on the rocks!” For those who want to chill their whiskey, but not dilute it, whiskey stones are the elegant answer. (You don’t want to plop plastic ice cubes into a single…
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