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GOURMET TRAVEL: Festival Of Foie Gras

  This week, nearly 20 restaurants in Philadelphia will offer foie gras lunch and dinner dishes for only $5 in response to recent pressure by the animal rights group, Hugs for Puppies, to remove the controversial delicacy from menus. The restaurants, working under the umbrella of Chefs for Choice and the Artisan Farmers Alliance, have banded together to support the right to choose what goes on their menus. They assert, “We do not believe that a minority of animal rights zealots should determine the direction of our business. Nor do we want to be intimidated by them at our restaurants or homes. We want the City Council to know that these few do not represent the whole of Philadelphia.” We’re quite excited about this form of protest and would be even more excited if the foie gras stayed so cheap! To read more about foie gras controversies, see our gourmet news from January and May.

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DISCOUNT: Charles Chocolates Birthday Discount

  Charles Chocolate is celebrating its third birthday—and offering a 25% discount through October 15 on delightful edible chocolate boxes. As an added bonus, everyone who takes advantage of this discount will receive an e-mail coupon for 10% off on all holiday orders. Visit Charles, and read our full review of Charles Chocolates.

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NEWS: Pomegranate Juice A Cancer Fighter

Pomegranate Juice   There’s more research to support pom’s anti-carcinogen claims, although the study has been done in rats. But, lab rat testing at U.C.L.A. indicates that natural chemicals in pomegranate juice may slow the growth of prostate cancer. The key cancer-fighting chemicals, called ellagitannins, are also found in strawberries, raspberries and muscadine grapes. Scientists theorize that when someone drinks pomegranate juice, the juice releases ellagitannins, which get digested into chemicals called urolithins, which may fight prostate cancer. The researchers tested pomegranate juice against human prostate cancer cells grafted into male mice. The prostate tumors grew more slowly in the mice that got the pomegranate juice orally or by injection, compared with mice that got the placebo. It looks like pomegranate ellagitannins may slow, but not totally destroy, prostate cancer in mice. More studies are needed to see if pomegranate juice works the same way in people. In the interim, more brands of pom juice are popping up every day, and they’re delicious.

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