RECIPE: Pommes Aligot, A Very ‘Cheesy Potatoes’ Recipe

PRODUCT: World Centric Paper Straws (The Best Paper Straws!)

From ancient times, man has used drinking straws. Here’s the history of the drinking straw, dating back to Sumeria. The modern drinking straw, made of paper, debuted in 1888, ultimately coated in wax so it would hold up longer before getting mushy. But mushy it did get, losing its shape when saturated with liquid. The…
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VALENTINE GIFT: Lover’s Leap Tea

[1] Lover’s Leap, a blend of superior black teas with rose and chamomile petals, is available in both loose tea and tea bags (both photos © Steven Smith Teamaker). [2] Lover’s Leap Tea, nicely boxed.   Lover’s Leap Tea is a limited edition for Valentine’s Day, created by our favorite tea emporium, Steven Smith Teamaker.…
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