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TIP OF THE DAY: Baking Tips From The American Egg Board

People who love to bake love the holidays. And then there are those once-a-year-bakers who only pull out the mixing bowl in November and December.

No matter which end of the spectrum you’re on, here are some tips from the American Egg Board:

TIP #1: COOKIES. If you’re making molded cookies (bells, candy canes, stars, wreaths, etc.), make sure they hold their shape. Chill the dough before cutting your cookies into shapes, and put them on a baking sheet that has been cooled in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand. This will ensure that the cookies hold their shape when baking. (Check out the different types of cookies.)

TIP #2: COOKIES & CAKES. Put a spin on your favorite classic recipes. Add dried cranberries or cherries, crushed candy canes, mint chips, toffee chips or other season-inspired mix-ins. Here’s our recipe for Cranberry or Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies with white chocolate chips.


Flourless chocolate cake is gluten-free. Photo courtesy American Egg Board.



Switch up chocolate chip cookies with dried
cranberries and white chocolate chips. Photo
courtesy Cherry Marketing Institute.

TIP #3: GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS. Make a flourless chocolate cake. Moist and fudgy, it’s always a hit. Here’s a recipe for a delicious chocolate-orange flourless cake from the American Egg Board.

TIP #4: SOUFFLÉS. Make sure your special soufflé doesn’t turn into a souf-flop. Separate whites from yolks carefully before beating and ensure that no hint of yolk gets into the whites. Then let the whites stand for a few minutes; they whip up better at room temperature.

TIP #5: GIFTS. Homemade baked goods are always a popular gift. These days, few people need another “incidental” gift item—candle, mug, refrigerator magnet, water bottle, whatever. Your homemade cookies are much more welcome.


The experts at the American Egg Board are happy to help.

Shoot your baking and cooking questions to the Incredible Edible Egg Facebook page or tweet @incredibleEggs; they’ll be happy to provide a solution.


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