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GIFT: Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Caviar chocolate isn’t for anyone. But here’s a bar with more universal appeal:

The PMS Bar from Lucas Candies. P is for peanut butter, M is for milk chocolate and S is for salted potato chips.

It’s so creamy, with a light potato chip crunch, and nifty looking with a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle. At $4.00, it’s a great stocking stuffer.

We were also fond of the newest Lucas candy bar creation, the Haverstraw Bar, made with milk chocolate, toasted coconut and toffee chips. The confections are made fresh by hand daily.
The Lucas family has been making chocolates since 1896, when five Lucas brothers emigrated to the U.S. from Greece and settled on the Hudson River in Haverstraw, New York.

At the top of the plate: the PMS Bar. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.
Historical note: Between 1771 and 1941, Haverstraw was “The Brick Capital Of The World,” thanks to immense clay beds formed by the Hudson River’s water and rich soil that lined the waterfront. By 1883, there were 42 brickyards in the area that manufactured 148 brands of brick—more than 300 million bricks in one year for the New York City area alone. At one time, more than two-thirds of the buildings in New York City were constructed of Haverstraw brick.

Back to the chocolate: Today the store, in its original location, is operated by the fourth generation of the Lucas family. The same recipes that came with the family from Greece in 1896 are still made, along with some new ones like the PMS Bar and Haverstraw bar.

Historical note #2: Peanut butter was introduced to the masses in 1904 at the Universal Exposition in St. Louis, but it was a while before it was commercially produced and became a staple in American households. Krema Products Company of Columbus, Ohio began selling peanut butter in 1908 and remains the oldest peanut butter company still in operation today.

The first shelf-stable peanut butter was invented in 1922. Here’s the history of peanut butter.

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