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GIFT: Caviar White Chocolate

Good things come in small packages. In the case of Petrossian’s new Caviar Chocolate, the package is small but the flavor is huge, and the memory will last a lifetime.

Petrossian has partnered with the great French chocolatier Pralus to create (to our knowledge) the world’s first caviar-studded chocolate.

For that select group of people who love both chocolate and caviar, you couldn’t find a better gift. “Even we were amazed with the result!” says Petrossian, describing their reaction to what Pralus had created.

The silken white chocolate and slightly salty, crunchy beads of sturgeon caviar are a marriage made in heaven: the highest form of salted chocolate. The cost of four small pieces: $29. The experience: priceless.

One singular sensation: caviar chocolate. Photo courtesy Petrossian.
An origami-folded, ribbon-wrapped gift box holds four 1.5″ x 1 1/8″ tablets, .79 ounce total weight. Purchase it at or at Petrossian’s New York City restaurant and boutique.

Petrossian doesn’t rest on its laurels as the world’s most prominent purveyor of fine caviar. The creative minds there are always trying to do more.

Recent innovations include caviar cream, caviar powder, Papierusse (“Russian paper”)—sheets of pressed caviar that look like Japanese nori—and caviar cubes for garnish.

Just imagine a gift basket with all of these wonderful products—and some fresh Petrossian caviar! Can we send you our address?


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