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What should you bake/make for St. Patrick’s Day?

  • Irish Coffee Cheesecake
  • Green-Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Your favorite rolled cookie recipe with a shamrock cookie cutter and green-and-white icing
  • S’mores with green marshmallows
  • Silver Moon’s Praline Irish Cream ice cream
  • Irish Cream Icing for your favorite brownies or loaf cake: Take 1/3 cup Irish cream liqueur (such as Bailey’s) and 8 ounces of top-quality white chocolate. In a small pan, bring the liqueur to a slow boil; then remove from the heat and whisk in the chopped white chocolate until it’s completely melted and the icing is smooth. Refrigerate until it becomes thick enough to spread, stirring occasionally. Spread the icing over the brownies or cake. Keep refrigerated until 30 minutes before serving.


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Celebrate St. Pat’s with Irish Coffee
cheesecake. Photo courtesy National Honey Board.

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