TIP OF THE DAY: Eat The Decorations

Use small cookie cutters to make tasty platter decorations and plate garnishes from fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Stars, crescents, diamonds and flowers are good all-purpose shapes. Use leaves, snowflakes, hearts and lobsters for seasonal accents. Make garnishes that contrast in color with the foods and plates they’ll decorate: RED beets, watermelon radishes and watermelon; YELLOW…
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VIEWPOINT: A Chat With Top Chef Master Rick Bayless

Top Chef Master Rick Bayless. We spent the weekend enjoying a Top Chef Masters marathon on the DVR. We were thrilled with every contestant; anyone who loves great food—and especially those of us who try to cook it—can’t help but give thanks daily for all of the people who expend so much passion, backbreaking labor…
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TRENDS: You Scream, I Scream…For Gelato

We recently spent a Lucullan feast of an evening at Screme, a new premium gelato chain in New York City. We tried every flavor in the place—28, to be precise. That’s the Screme way: You can taste as much as you like. We felt O.K. about that, as Screme claims 1/3 fewer calories and lower…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Pet Gourmet

  Keep gourmet pet treats in the pantry for animal guests. Go to a pet store and buy something special.Their human companions will be extra-appreciative that you’ve thought to provide more than an everyday Milk Bone for your animal visitor. See our favorite animal treats in THE NIBBLE’s Dog & Cat Treats Section.