PRODUCT: Freshpet For Cats & Dogs

Before deli departments were fully incorporated into our nation’s supermarkets, many larger cities had small, independent delicatessens, typically patronized by immigrants who sought a taste of the homeland. These delis predominantly served cold cuts, typically on display in loaf or sausage form, to be sliced and served cold. For instance, bologna, now considered quintessentially American…
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PRODUCT: Herb Tea For Dogs

January is National Tea Month. How about enjoying a cup with your canine companion? But don’t serve Fido a cup of Earl Grey or Green Jasmine: Caffeine isn’t good for dogs. California Tea House consulted with numerous veterinarians and researched herbal treatments for canines in order to develop a perfect blend for canines. It happens…
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PRODUCT: Gourmet Dog Food

Pheasant, buffalo, duck, rabbit and venison…for dogs. Photo courtesy Evanger’s.   It’s National Roast Pheasant Day. What did we come across when doing some research? Canned pheasant for dogs! Evanger’s Grain Free 100% Pheasant Canned Dog Food is made with only one ingredient: pheasant, in some pheasant broth. The rich food is recommended as a…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Pet Gourmet

  Keep gourmet pet treats in the pantry for animal guests. Go to a pet store and buy something special.Their human companions will be extra-appreciative that you’ve thought to provide more than an everyday Milk Bone for your animal visitor. See our favorite animal treats in THE NIBBLE’s Dog & Cat Treats Section.