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For National Have A Bagel Day, A Different Take On Bagels & Lox

December 11th is National Have A Bagel Day. Here’s a a new take on bagels and lox, from Bluebird London’s branch in New York City.

Located in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, Bluebird London NYC has a Café and Tea Room, Cocktail Lounge, and International Brasserie, all overlooking Central Park.

The restaurant is a branch of the beloved restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of London. It was not named for birds, but for the record-breaking race car driven Sir Malcolm Campbell, which set the land-speed record in 1925.

For a copycat recipe:


  • Buy or make bagel crisps (the full size version, not the cracker size bagel chips)
  • Buy cream cheese
  • Make cured salmon or gravlax, or buy thick-cut smoked salmon*
  • Garnishes: capers, dill, chopped red onion (option: you can pickle onion slices)

    1. SLICE the cream cheese into 1-inch squares. It is easier to do this if you put the block in the freezer for 15 minutes. In the Bluebird London preparation, the cream cheese was thinned and piped into the plate. If you want to pipe it, first thin it with a tablespoon of milk or cream.

    2. SLICE the salmon into 1- or 2-inch-long pieces. Arrange on a plate with the cream cheese and bagel chips.

    3. GARNISH as desired.

  • January 15th: National Bagel Day
  • February 9th: National Bagels & Lox Day
  • July 26th: National Bagelfest Day
  • December 11th: National Have A Bagel Day

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    [1] “Bagels and lox” as interpreted by the Bluebird London restaurant in New York City (photos #1 and #2 © Bluebird London NYC).

    [2] A closer look. The cured salmon is cut into small squares, the cream cheese piped into rounds.

    [3] A classic bagel and lox (smoked salmon) platter (photo © Good Eggs).


    *If you purchase smoked salmon at a store where it is custom-sliced at the fish counter, tell the lox slicer that you want to serve it in thick squares, about 1/8″ thick.

    †You can quick-pickle vegetables in an hour. Here’s how.



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