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[1] Churros made with the San Diablo Artisan Churro Maker (photos #1 and #2 © San Diablo Churros).

[2] This tube-shaped device turns the dough into churros, ready to fry or bake.

[3] Party idea: a Fiesta Churro Bar, with DIY sauces and garnishes. Here’s the recipe (photo © BHG).

Churros With Chocolate Fondue
[4] How about spicy churro fondue? Here’s the recipe (photo © McCormick).


We love churros. Every time we’re at a restaurant that serves them, they’re our dessert.

It’s no longer just at Mexican restaurants, either. Churro-loving chefs of modern cuisine have added their interpretations of churros to their menus, often with fusion flavors, like black sesame and espresso custard.

And creative home cooks add their own takes. A few examples:

  • Churro cake (a cinnamon vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting—recipe).
  • Churro cake pops.
  • Churro cookies (recipe).
  • Churro French toast (recipe).
  • Churro ice cream sandwiches.
  • Churro pancake stacks filled with dulce de leche.
  • Churro popcorn, topping the corn with butter seasoned with sugar and cinnamon and vanilla sugar.
  • Conventional churros filled with everything from custard (a riff on éclairs) to spiced pastry cream.
  • Check out the Fiesta Churro Party Bar, below.
    But our recommendation today is an easy way to make classic churros at home.

    How about an all-in-one gadget to make and customize your perfect churro (photo #2)?

    It’s the creation of Scott Porter, founder of San Diablo Churros.

    A churro lover and caterer who developed a full line of at-home churro products, his products now include Take & Bake Churros, frozen dough, signature sugar toppings and fillings, and the churro maker.

    Now at your fingertips: churros anytime—for the family, for guests, for your next coffee break.

    Just make the dough, load it into the tube-shaped churro maker, press out the churros and fry them up.

    Nine different nozzles let you have fun with shapes. You also start off with 40 recipes.

    But beware: You may have more friends and neighbors dropping by to snack on your churros!

    Tip: Churros are best enjoyed warm. If they cool to room temperature, give them 30 seconds in the microwave.

    And be prepared to party on June 6th: National Churro Day.

    More Churro Options

    You can also buy San Diablo Artisan Churros’ Take & Bake Churro Kit—ready made and ready to bake and eat. There’s a choice of sauces: dulce de leche, Nutella and sweet cream.

    There’s even an option made with gluten-free dough.


    How about a Fiesta Churro Bar (photo #3)?

  • Set out a platter of churros, dark and white chocolate sauces, dulce de leche and garnishes (chopped nuts, crushed toffee, mini chips, sprinkles, etc.).
  • Let guests dip and garnish their own.
  • Here’s the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.
  • We’d also add ice cream!

  • Baked Churros
  • Chocolate Churros
  • Churros With Spicy Mole Fondue



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