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PRODUCT: Violife Vegan Cheese

October is National American Cheese Month. How about some vegan cheese?

It’s amazing how vegan cheeses have improved from the original soy-based products, thanks to more people demanding non-dairy foods.

Vegan products are not just for vegans, but people who are:

  • Avoiding cholesterol
  • Kosher
  • Lactose-intolerant (or have other milk allergies)
  • Sustainable living advocates
    We’d previously written about Miyoko’s Creamery, which makes simply brilliant vegan cheeses and butter that taste as satisfying as the animal-milk versions.

    But they’re labor-intensive to make and thus pricey. Other companies have been making their own versions, and we recently had the opportunity to try some Violife products, part of the large line of Violife vegan cheeses.

    We tried the Mozzarella Shreds and Colby Jack Shreds on pizza, casseroles and burgers.

    We were very pleased about how great they tasted—and they melt just like dairy cheese!

    We haven’t yet tasted the rest of the line, but Violife has the whole category covered with:
    Violife Blocks

  • Just Like Feta
  • Just Like Epic Mature Cheddar
  • Just Like Epic Smoked Cheddar
  • Prosocian Wedge (just like parmesan, for grating)
    Violife Shreds

  • Just Like Cheddar Shreds
  • Just Like Colby Jack
  • Just Like Mozzarella
    Violife Slices

  • Just Like Cheddar
  • Just Like Mature Cheddar
  • Just Like Smoked Provolone
    Violife Spreads

  • Just Like Cream Cheese Original
  • Cream Cheese Cheddar
  • Cream Cheese Garlic & Herbs

  • Free from nuts*, soy, gluten and lactose
  • 100% vegan
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Certified kosher by BK
  • Halal-certified
  • Contains no preservatives or cholesterol
  • Made using all-natural ingredients, including coconut oil
  • Melts just like dairy cheese

    Violife is both nut free (some vegan cheeses are made from cashews) and soy-free, which accommodates people with allergies to those ingredients.

    Its main ingredient, after filtered water, is coconut oil (24%), followed by modified food starch, corn starch, sea salt, cellulose as a thickener, non-dairy lactic acid as an acidity regulator, flavorings from vegan sources, olive extract, B-carotene for color and vitamin B12, with powdered cellulose added to prevent caking.

    Violife is a brand owned by Upfield Group B.V., a vegan products manufacturer that is owned by KKR & Co., a global investment company.

    The brand was founded in the 1990s in Greece, as a plant-based cheese substitute that could be eaten during Greek Orthodox fasting days, when consumption of animal proteins is forbidden.

    Upfield was created last year when Unilever sold its spreads business to KKR. Those include Country Crock, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Flora, Stork and numerous other spreads. It is now one of the biggest worldwide players in the plant-based food industry.

    Beyond the U.S. Violife sells vegan cheese products across the world, in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, South America—even Saudi Arabia!

    Violife products are available at select retailers across the country and at

    Here’s a store locator.

    > For More Information Visit


    *Violife products contain coconut oil. The coconut is classified by the FDA as a tree nut.


    [1] Creamy With Garlic & Herbs, one of three Violife vegan cream cheeses (all photos © Violife).

    [2] Grated Mozzarella Flavor, a vegan necessity!

    [3] A Prosociano wedge: grate it like dairy parmesan.

    [4] Violife’s Just Like Cream Cheese on a bagel.

    [5] Violife’s Just Like Mature Cheddar on a veggie cheeseburger.

    [6] Two-cheese pizza, with mozzarella and colby jack.

    [7] Grilled cheese with Smoked Mature Cheddar.



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