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FOOD FUN: Rainbow Sangria

What’s new in sangria?

This clever idea from I|O Godfrey, a rooftop lounge at The Godfrey Hotel in Chicago. (In fact, it’s Chicago’s largest indoor/outdoor rooftop.)

An array of colored ice cubes is made from fresh fruit juices.

After they’re piled high in a tall glass, a blend of moscato and vodka are poured from a pitcher at the table. The result: food art.

If you’d like to serve it at home, here’s a guide:

  • Green: honeydew (juiced), lime Juice
  • Orange: cantaloupe (juiced), orange juice
  • Pink: red/pink grapefruit juice, watermelon juice
  • Purple: blueberry juice, grape juice
  • Red: cranberry juice, pomegranate juice
  • Yellow: lemonade, pineapple juice
    What about blue?

    For the blue ice cubes, you can use:

  • Blue curaçao diluted in water (so it will freeze)
  • Blue Hawaiian Punch
  • Blue food color (which won’t have flavor)
  • Homemade blue juice*
    How fun is this sangria?

    Just try it!

  • Apple Sangria
  • Cranberry Sangria
  • Halloween Sangria
  • Jubilee Sangria
  • Peach Sangria #1
  • Peach Sangria #2
  • Pomegranate Sangria
  • Red, White & Blue Sangria
  • Rosé Sangria
  • Saké Sangria
  • Stone Fruit Sangria
  • Summer Sangria
  • Winter Sangria

    *This is actually blue simple syrup. Make it and pour it into an ice cube tray.


    Rainbow Sangria
    [1] A rainbow of fruit-flavored ice cubes contribute the fruit juice to this innovative sangria from I|O Godfrey in Chicago (photo © Godfrey Hotel).

    Cranberry Sangria
    [2] A conventional sangria adds fresh fruit to the wine mixture (photo © McCormick).

    White Sangria
    [3] Many people think of sangria as a red-wine drink, but it is made with white wine and rosé, too (photo © Dante Restaurant | New York City).



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