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Popcorn and a movie?

How about popcorn cupcakes and a movie awards show?

Jessica of PNP Flowers Inc. created these fun cupcakes with popcorn. The popcorn is both in the batter and a garnish on top of the icing.

Why not whip up a batch for your Oscar nibbles?

Here’s Jessica’s recipe; the original recipe is from the Food Network.

More fun:

Can you guess which country has the most motion picture award organizations, after the U.S.? The answer is in the footnote below.

Here’s a list of film awards worldwide.

For yet more fun, pull down the Holidays & Occasions menu at the right and select Academy Awards.


Cupcakes for the movies, with popcorn both inside and on top. Photo courtesy PNP Flowers Inc.

*The country that bestows the second largest number of film awards is India.


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