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FOOD FUN: Turkey Flavored Popcorn

Yes, you did read that correctly. The King Of Pop has followed Jones Soda Company in creating a quirky line of Thanksgiving-flavored snack foods.

We haven’t tasted the “poprageous” popcorn Thanksgiving feast, but the nine flavors were created to give you every taste of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

The Thanksgiving popcorn set includes:

  • Apple Pie-Flavored Popcorn
  • Cranberry Sauce-Flavored Popcorn
  • Gravy-Flavored Popcorn
  • Mashed Potatoes-Flavored Popcorn
  • Pumpkin Pie-Flavored Popcorn
  • Strawberry Cheesecake*
  • Stuffing-Flavored Popcorn
  • Turkey-Flavored Popcorn
  • Sweet Potatoes-Flavored Popcorn
    Flavored popcorn in cranberry, gravy, mashed potatoes, turkey and more. Photo courtesy King Of Popcorn.
    You get approximately two cups of each flavor, packaged in a sealed bags for freshness. The set is $34.99; the novelty factor, priceless.

    Get your Thanksgiving popcorn feast at

    *Seriously…who besides this company’s owner serves strawberry cheesecake at Thanksgiving? Couldn’t they make pecan pie popcorn?


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